Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Stuff

The garbage runs Monday afternoon so I try to empty all the garbage cans, toss anything from the refrigerator that can go, and then find more stuff to put in the trash to fill up the container. We have a large container and if all we put in it is our weekly trash, we fill it about a quarter full. So I look for things that just sit around. I saved coffee cans with their lids for a long time. So today I removed the lids and tossed the bottom parts. I kept thinking I'd come up with something to do with the cans. But nothing came to mind that I wanted to do with them, so I saved the lids for acrylic paints. I bought the little mixing trays one time, but I'd rather use the plastic lids and then toss them. So while looking for stuff to throw away, I found stuff to take to the basement. While there I needed to vacuum spider webs. 
Happily Monday is over for another week.

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