Monday, August 12, 2013

Can't See the Garden for the Flowers

 I like the individual flowers I have. I am not sure the overall effect is what I'm aiming for.
 I moved spiderwort in and it is thriving,
 This is a lavender spiderwort among the impatiens.
 Flowers through the porch rails
 The Little Gem magnolia is in its second bloom cycle.
 Blooming monkey grass spreads nicely.
 This is the Little Gem we planted earlier in the spring.  It is doing well and blooming on buds it put on since we planted it.
 This is the rose strip parallel to the road.  The knock out roses, crepe myrtle, and daylilies are doing pretty well.  I was surprised that the knock our roses need to be cut back.  The roses have put on hips instead of continuing to bloom. The crepe myrtles are providing more color than the roses right now.
 The monkey grass makes a great border.
I'm trying for a cottage garden look here.

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