Saturday, August 17, 2013

Resurrection Lilies

 The tall greenery in the middle of the picture is from the Asiatic lilies that are no longer blooming.  The pink blooms in front are growing on a stalk.  The greenery was earlier in the year.  Then the greenery died back.  The blooms are wonderful when there are a cluster of them.  We had several.  I don't know where the rest are.  I'd never seen these lilies before we moved here.  But they are pretty common here.  They have various names, but they call them Resurrection Lilies locally.
My alyssum is blooming enough for the fragrance to be noticeable without sticking my nose down in them.  They look nice with the angelwing begonias up close, but they aren't striking from a distance.
Definitely more are on my list for next year.

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