Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Could Do Better

Well, that's not my favorite thing to hear.  My husband wants me to organize my shopping list.  I agree it would be nice but putting a list on the Kindle isn't all that easy to organize.  I basically organize my list around which store I want to be in when I buy the items.  Then I move what I'm most determined to leave with to the top of the list.  When I get tired, I stop shopping.  He wants a paper list.  He doesn't want to make the list.  He wants me to make the list the way he wants it.
So he started explaining to me again what a grocery list should be like.  I told him I got it.  He doesn't like my grocery list.  He said, "You could do better."
I said, "I could shop alone."  Today I drove to Sam's Club in Jackson.  It is definitely cheaper when I shop alone.  I'm the only one putting stuff in the buggy.

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