Saturday, August 31, 2013

Deep Fried Camembert

I loved this as an appetizer in Germany.  When I got it, I didn't get a main course.  I've been wanting it for a while but Camembert is tricky to find where I live.
But I found a double cream Brie at Sam's club.

This picture shows half.  The recipe I found called for raspberry dipping sauce but I don't like raspberry so I used canned whole berry cranberry sauce.  I warmed mine up but Larry wanted his cold.
Both of us totally loved it.  I think the one I made was better than the ones I'd had in Germany because the recipe called for 3/4 cup of sesame seeds in addition to the bread crumbs.
Here is the link I used:
I had a larger round of Brie than the recipe called for but I had plenty of the various ingredients without increasing anything.
The nutrition information made it look like it has a lot of carbs.  I really couldn't understand why because cheese is low or zero and the sesame seeds aren't bad.  But I guess the cranberry sauce or raspberry they used for their calculations is heavy on the sugar.
But I checked my blood sugar later and it looked good.

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