Friday, August 30, 2013

Nathan Lowell's Owner's Share

I've spent a while this evening trying to download Nathan Lowell's Owner's Share.  It took a while but I can't find it on my iPod.  I have no idea where it downloaded it.  I searched downloads on my computer to see if it would show up there.  It should have put it there and then synced it.  I did this with Double Share a couple of days ago.  Then I finished Captain's Share today. 
I like the series a lot.  I also like Nathan Lowell as the reader.  It tends to annoy me when the reader mispronounces words.  It also annoys me when the text says, "...he said dryly" and the reader reads it incorrectly.  Mr. Lowell reads his work well.
Now, where is Owner's Share?

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