Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mantis Yesterday

 I used the Mantis for the first time since my knee surgery.  My flower beds are in pitiful shape after six weeks of neglect.  So I ran the Mantis down one side to get the tallest weeds,.  It took a while to unwrap the weeks that it wound around the tines.
 I dug some grass (as opposed to weeds) out of a flower bed and transplanted it into a bald spot I've been working on.  The grass I put out last year lived, but it hasn't spread very much even though we've had plenty of rain.  I'm not sure the grass will survive because Larry decided to help by spraying round up on it.  I really wish he wouldn't help with round up.
I was able to start it myself.  When I finished, my legs were quivering.  Today my legs are fine, but my arms are sore.  Happily, my shoulder joints and knees are fine, too.

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