Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lavender Cuttings

I trimmed back a lavender bush that was taking over three other plants and trying to spread into the yard, too.  I used the greenery as cuttings to try to start more plants.  Only eight of them look good, two more may make it.
I started to think about where to put ten plants that grow big.  I was trying to tell Larry about it when he said he thought they would be nice between his cypress trees.  He has at least 100 in various stages.  About forty of them are one year old with weeds taller than they are.  The ones he put out last year are taller, and the ones from three years ago are even taller.  So his idea of putting them between cypress trees means I need to start a lot more cuttings.
I liked that he said cutting the grass in that area would be really nice with the lavender releasing its fragrance as the lawn mower brushed by.

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