Friday, August 30, 2013

What Did I Buy?

 I went to one of those upscale places where you take your own containers and bought this.  I bought oatmeal, too, but I've finished the oatmeal.  The thing is, I forgot the name of this and since I'd put it in my own container, there were no directions.  I started trying to remember what it was that I bought a couple of years ago.  The best I remember was wheat berries but I knew that was wrong because it was oats.  Finally I searched oat berries and found out that it is called that but is actually oat groats.  I searched recipes and came up with muffins, etc.  All I wanted was a bowl of oatmeal so I decided to wing it.  I used my coffee grinder.
It was edible but it ground too fine for what I wanted to look at.  When I ate it, though, it was crunchy.  I tried not to turn it into a uniform powder.  Success.

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