Thursday, November 21, 2013

Australian Dream

When the doctor did my knee surgery, he said he repaired the meniscus tears and cleaned up the arthritis in my knee.  I had no idea that I had arthritis and didn't know which part of my discomfort was due to arthritis. But some days both knees are all right, some days both knees have minor pain, some days it is just one knee.
My doctor's office has a small pharmacy in the same building.  They fill prescriptions and have a limited selection of over-the-counter medications. I saw an advertisement on the door for Australian Dream, an arthritis medication with a money-back guarantee.
I decided to try it.  I asked for the receipt because I thought the little jar of cream was expensive and if it didn't work, I decided I would return it.  I don't usually return things, but that was my plan.
Actually, I thought if it was a treatment for arthritis and it worked, that would mean that my knees were bothering me because of arthritis.  If it didn't work, maybe something else was wrong.  Either way, I could get my money back. Also, it is supposed to work within fifteen minutes and is based on increased blood flow to the area.
It works for me and my husband said it helps his hands. I think it will last a while if I can convince my husband to just apply it to joints, not use it as a moisturizer.

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  1. Good to know. Well sell it and I've wondered about it. I'll give it a look!