Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Books and Food

I really enjoy Nathan Lowell's Solar Clipper series.  But evidently he adores fried eggs, bacon, wheat toast, and fried potatoes with onions and mentions it often enough that I develop a strong desire to have that for breakfast...well, except the potatoes and onions.  Yesterday I piled two fried eggs on a piece of low-carb wheat toast and added a couple of slices of bacon.  I even watched the bacon so it didn't burn.
Janet Evanovitch's Stephanie Plum eats doughnuts, pizza, fried chicken, and other things that I am not supposed to have. I listened to an interview where the interviewer asked why Stephanie doesn't have health problems.  Ms. Evanovitch answered that it is fiction.  I really liked the answer. 
I have to wonder, though, if the authors have had to go on diets and are eating vicariously through their characters. I'm considering writing a book for that purpose.  I'm afraid it would defeat the purpose.

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