Friday, November 1, 2013

Low Internal Storage

I was trying to listen to Owner's Share by Nathan Lowell.  I finally found the whole thing with all the episodes and downloaded it onto my Kindle.  But it disappeared before I could listen to all of it.  So I tried again.  About the fourth time my Kindle showed low internal storage.  So I started looking for what had filled it up.  I deleted some lousy big difference.  But then I ran across Owner's Share on my carousel. I had each episode four times. I started deleting episodes and checking my internal storage...big difference fast.  I haven't been able to get Owner's Share onto my iPod.


  1. Those Nathan Lowell files are HUGE for a kindle. Not sure what the problem is with the iPod. Maybe they're showing up under Podcasts instead of Books? Have you looked there on the iPod?

  2. I've checked the podcasts. The episodes download onto my computer but do not sync. I can listen to them on my computer but that is annoying. I can listen to them on my Kindle, but it isn't as convenient as my iPod.