Friday, November 8, 2013

Shopping Helper

I like to have somebody with me when I try to buy clothing.  This is because I need somebody to keep me on task.  Otherwise I wander off and get coffee.  Yesterday my husband was the lucky one.  He tried.
I put on a shirt, looked in the mirror, and turned to him.  If I hadn't liked it, I would have just taken if off and tried again.  But I liked it fine so he got a vote.
He said, "It doesn't make your butt look big."
The next thing he said was, "It's very slimming."
I'm going to make him an index card that says, "That looks good on you."  Then I may let him shop with me again.  I know.  Let.  But seriously, he dragged me to the store and showed me the shirts. 

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