Friday, November 29, 2013


Sometimes a photograph doesn't show reality as I see it.  For example, the autumn leaves picture looked better than the actual scene to me, maybe because it left out some of the surroundings.  Flowers show up nicely in pictures when done close up, but I don't ever feel pleased with a picture showing a lot of flowers and how they look together.
But I didn't realize I had a bunch of gray hair right on top of my head until I saw a black and white photograph somebody had taken of me. 
The picture of the foil packages of dressing I'd stuck in my refrigerator freezer showed that I need to redo my freezer:(  I hadn't paid much attention to it because I keep bags and containers of this and that to use frequently.  So it looks messy.  If I put part of a bag or container of something in the deep freeze, I'm likely to get a new one rather than finish the container I'm not through with.  I put the dressing containers in the refrigerator freezer to show it doesn't take much space to put a lot of food if it is stacked in similar containers.  But it really looks messy. 
Photos sometimes show the truth my eyes don't notice. Maybe I should shop with my digital camera and laptop.  I could try on something, get a salesperson to snap a picture, and then I'd know if I liked how I looked in it.  The mirror isn't as good.  Evidently my eyes edit what I see in the mirror.

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