Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today's Color

 Today I carved a few more red quail eggs and died the two remaining quail eggs and one chicken's egg.  I redyed some other eggs in the purple dye.  They had been dyed but didn't take it well.  Some of them still don't look great but somehow the mottled colors look just fine and even add interest to the eggs once they are carved.
I have a friend whose favorite color is purple and I'm trying to get a box together of purple stuff.  There are three purple carved eggs nestled in the pink/purple ribbon scarf.  The scarf turned out really well in the photo, but the eggs don't look purple.  I want to carve a couple more chicken's eggs and the two quail eggs.  Then that box can go in the mail.  Decluttering probably isn't the word when I drag stuff out, leave it out because I'm not finished with it, and then mail it away.  But still.

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