Friday, August 29, 2014

Kroger's Manager's Sale

I found a nice package of chicken thighs for a bit less than $6. I boned them and froze all of them except two. I boiled the bones and scraps in one pot. I pounded the two thighs I'd kept out until they were pretty flat. I salted and peppered them, dredged them in a beaten egg, then in 1/4 cup seasoned bread crumbs and 3/4 cup sesame seeds. Then I fried them in peanut oil. About ten minutes before I thought the chicken would be ready, I took out the bones and other stuff I'd trimmed from the chicken pieces and added half a box of Dreamfield elbow macaroni. I picked the little bits of cooked chicken from the bones and added it to the macaroni.
I had turnip greens in the refrigerator to warm up to go with the macaroni and chicken.
Larry has always refused to eat chicken thighs. I think they taste better than white meat and they are cheaper...besides being on sale:) So when I announced dinner was ready, I didn't know if he would eat it because he'd seen it was thighs.  But it was fried:) So he ate it and complimented it.
We will have three more meals from the chicken so it was less than $1 per serving for the chicken. And pounded thin and fried in those seeds, it was crispy and a lot.

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