Saturday, August 2, 2014


Last year we went to the Vanity Fair Outlet in Union City the week following the tax-free weekend as we wanted to avoid the crowds. We found very little there after the tax-free weekend. So today we went thinking it would be crowded but well stocked.
We arrived to find it closed. We finally found where it had relocated and discovered it was the grand opening of the new location.
They had popcorn, hot dogs, soft drinks and pizza. They had somebody making things with the long skinny balloons, and facepaint.
The new location was in an old WalMart store. The line stretched from the front to the back of the store. I will never go back on a tax-free weekend. I got what I went for, but I couldn't believe how tired I was. I didn't get my steps in today. Standing in line for over an hour wore me out.

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