Thursday, October 2, 2014

Does it Matter?

I wish it didn't make me crazy when somebody tries to tell me what to do. I try to consider whether it makes any difference and let a lot of it go. I've gotten to the point where I don't go ballistic over it. But really, why should anybody micromanage me? I'm not sure staring at somebody coldly and then doing what I wanted to anyway is better than a fit...on the other person. But it's better for me.
I'm not talking life changing matters. Do you peel the carrots before cutting off the tops and bottoms? I don't. I cut the tops and bottoms and peel what is left. Do I think it makes any difference? No. Do I think I should be treated like an idiot? No.
Why are you going that way?
I want to.
 It takes longer.
 You drive the scenic route all the time.
 Blah, blah.

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