Monday, October 6, 2014

Little Things

Some days little things go right. I tried to return two bottles of pickles. I had the receipt. Walking up to the door of WalMart, I dropped the bag. One of the jars broke. I retrieved the unbroken one and the pickle-juice spotted receipt in one hand and dropped the dripping bag in the trash. I went to customer service, put the damp receipt and a jar of pickles on the counter. I said that she probably wouldn't reimburse me for the broken jar currently residing in their trash. She asked if broken glass was left on the ground. I said it had remained in the bag. She reimbursed me for both jars of pickles! Way better than I expected.
The other little thing was the garbage truck. The driver saw me headed for the trash container with more trash. He waited for me to put it in before he dumped the container.
Nice people today. Both of those people would have been totally justified with leaving me with my mess.

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