Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Flowerboxes

 The flower boxes on the south side have the gardenia cuttings I took last year. About four of the cuttings have already been given away. I don't want the impatiens saved, so I spent time cutting them off and taking them to the compost places.
Now I have this one trimmed down enough so that I can see the cuttings. It took a while to get them out of the mass of roots so I could plant the cuttings individually in large pots for next year.
I got four out of this one. There are two more flower boxes with some successful cuttings.
I have eight azalea cuttings from this year to replant, too.
The coleus and angelwing begonias will go into the greenhouse as cuttings so I'm just sticking them in the greenhouse plugs.

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