Saturday, November 5, 2011

2 Wasps, 11 Ladybugs

I like sucking up lady bugs better than wasps.  I think they must have come in with the pineapple we brought in to the sunroom. 
Today is the first Saturday of the month so I had my cleaning person come.  She did a lovely job.  The boys Larry had scheduled didn't come.  It rained last week so they lost a day on their construction job and needed to make it up.  He was only able to get one, the youngest.  So he didn't get as much done as he had hoped.  But Larry bought a bunch of bulbs.  Then we spent some time figuring out where to put them.  So the boy planted some of them.  I told him how deep, how far apart, and "pointy side up."  I didn't know I needed to say pointy side up until I saw him put the first one in upside down.  I explained that the growth end is phototrophic and the roots are geotrophic and the bulbs would come up even if he did it wrong, I just wanted pointy side up because it made sense to do it that way.  But I didn't stand there and watch him do every one of them.
When Larry took them home, he came back and said I don't supervise them adequately.  I don't pay somebody to work because I want to watch them work.  My standards might not be very high because if I don't have to do it, I'm happy.  If they don't get through in what I consider a reasonable time, next time I tell them.  If they don't do it like I want after I tell them what I want, I ask if they did it like I said.  If they did, I need to figure out what went wrong with my directions.  If they say they forgot, I remind them.
I have said things like, "If you talk to me, I'm not going to pay you."  "If you work as slowly as I do, I am going to pay you half as much as I've planned."  I'm really okay with adjusting to what I get when I don't supervise closely.  I had to supervise people closely when I was getting paid to supervise.  When I'm paying, I just look for somebody else if they don't do what I want.  It hardly ever gets to the point where I'd rather do it than pay somebody to do it.  This is a different mind set from a regular workplace. 

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  1. I agree about the micro-managing meaning you don't get your time by doing it that way and that's what help is there to do... help you get more time for stuff you want to do. Totally agree.