Thursday, November 3, 2011

sleep phones

My sleep phones came yesterday.  I'd been curious about whether I could go to sleep better listening to a bedtime story or just not be annoyed while I lay there awake.
Well, I wasn't annoyed but I didn't go to sleep better, and every time I was aware of the voice, I was consequently aware that I was awake.
But I learned something.  When I turn over, I turn all the way over, not half over and half back.  So at some point I unwrapped the cord from around my neck.  This morning I searched out the pieces to find out why I wasn't hearing anything.  I'd already turned the headband this way and sound.  It was disconnected. 
I wonder if I can train myself to not turn over?  I wonder if I would like music better?  Or maybe sleep sounds from a relaxation tape?


  1. Sometimes I use the audiobook and sometimes I use .
    I don't use if I have to get up early though. I really like laying there listening to the rain.

  2. I went to and got a nice picture but no sound. I'll try again later.