Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rainy Day

I really like rainy days.  To put something up for a rainy day usually means to save money for when something bad happens.  It can also mean there are toys put away and only brought out for rainy days.
Reading is a good pasttime for rainy days, sunny days, snowy days.
But inclement days aren't just rainy ones.  These are days that call for projects.
 These are gourds I've cut and am in the process of cleaning.  The cuts are so awkward, my husband bought me a small hacksaw and some coping saw blades.  He also showed me how to change the blades and watched me try to use it.  He had many helpful things to say and managed to only sound like I am a total idiot once.

 Here are the gourds drying so I can do the next step which is sanding.
 I have an art room, but I usually actually work in the greenhouse part.  I have a lot of light and it feels like I'm outside without the wind, rain, and cold.
 This is a small patio table that I bought for the small balcony off the kitchen when we lived in Newhausen.  It had gotten stained over the years so I sponge painted it.  Now when I paint on it, if I get paint on it, it just adds to the "look."  The little pieces of doll furniture had to be put together like 3-d puzzles.  Now I'm painting them with birdhouse paint.
I love rainy days, pretty days, snowy days.  They are all great.

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