Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shopping and Other Stuff

Yesterday was Senior Day so we went shopping.  I don't like shopping so we try to get it mostly done once a month.  We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I like to eat there because they have a low-carb menu.  There was a group of Japanese people eating there for their first time.  I think it must have been their first time because they all took pictures of the fireplace, mounted deer's head, and other quaint things Cracker Barrel decorates with.  A lot of the time we eat and actually go to two of the three stores we intend to go to.  I always want to go to Kroger's and WalMart (paper products, etc.).  Larry always wants to go to Lowe's and I sometimes want to.  But we rarely go to all three.  If we only go to two, WalMart is the place we don't hit.  I was really impressed that we ate and went to all three.
Then we got home, I packaged a gift, went to the post office, went back to WalMart (half and half!), got gas and went to the credit union. 
Then today we went to the Catfish Hotel in Shiloh.  I really like going there even though it is about an hour and a half, one way.  The fall colors were nice so it was a pleasant drive and good food.
When I got home I worked on my gourds.  I wore a respirator and was impressed with it.  I didn't inhale a lot of dust and it didn't fog up my glasses.  Maybe I won't have an allergy attack from the dust. My work on the gourds was very botched.  Larry looked at it and said he was intending to help me.  Too late.  It is possible sandpaper will fix some of the gouges.  Gourds are very hard.  My fine motor muscles may not be strong enough for a more controlled line.  Just because primitive cultures used gourds doesn't mean they were unskilled.  I'm trying to use a drimmel.  It isn't coming along very well, but I'm still in the cleaning and preparation time.  The drimmel is easier than a saw.

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