Sunday, November 6, 2011

Celtic and Heritage Festival

 I hadn't seen modern spinning wheels, only museum types.  These were beautiful.  My sweater was a big hit at that tent.
 I wish I had thought to ask what she was making. 
 This spinning wheel had loads of hooks which is why I took this picture.
This was one of my favorite displays.  The silk yarn, the baskets, the natural wood spinning wheel, all were very appealing.
Larry had an interesting time comparing vests at one display.  When we were on our way home, he said I shouldn't have volunteered that it was a concealed carry vest.  I said I thought they were good friends.  He said he just met the man, how could they be good friends.  I said, "You put your hand in his pocket."  He said he wanted to know if it was lined.  I said, "YOU PUT YOUR HAND IN HIS POCKET!"  He decided to let the topic drop.
The music was interesting and good.  A lot of people were wearing kilts.  Maybe I'll dig mine out, find a shirt to go with it, and wear it next time we go to one of those.  I shouldn't, because I didn't buy it because I'm Scottish.  I just really liked it.

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