Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daddy's Pepper Sauce

I finally had enough hot banana peppers to try to make Daddy's pepper sauce.  It would have been nice if I knew how he did it.  Mama said he used pickling spices. 
So I made one quart.  It wasn't wonderful but I put it in the refrigerator thinking it would really take a couple of weeks before it would taste right.  It was good several days later and tasted about like I remember Daddy's tasting.
So I made more today. I got tired of cutting little circles and some of the peppers are halves...not as pretty but quicker.  
Eggplants are still coming in so I made more eggplant to eat and one for the freezer.  I was out of small disposable tins so I used large ones.
 I used fresh tomatoes from our garden so it was kind of soupy so the one in the freezer will be, too.  It was tasty, though.  I have four loaf pans and one large one in the freezer now:)
I listened to an audio book during all the food preparation...nice day.

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