Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not So Ugly

I had a shoe problem.  My comfortable Birks are slippery when I'm working in my flower beds.  The water isn't especially good for the cork part, but I slip around on the shoe.  So I was looking for a sandal that was comfortable and quick drying that water, dirt, and mud wouldn't hurt.
I found a hiking sandal put out by Teva that sounded perfect.  It has arrived and feels wonderful.  I was pretty sure that just because I ordered a hiking sandal I wouldn't actually have to hike...I could just stand around watering stuff and generally messing about in the yard.  But this paragon of utility and comfort isn't pretty. 
Pretty in a shoe isn't a requirement (I did mention my birks) for me.  But I was laughing about my ugly, comfortable sandals today and one girl said, "They're not so ugly."  Another said they were cute (polite lie), but I loved the 'not so ugly' comment.

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