Thursday, July 12, 2012


 The Coliseum was built in eight years.  The tour guide said when the empire fell and the popes were in charge of Rome, they used the Coliseum as a quarry for building material.  The holes shown on the wall are where metal spikes were removed.  The spikes were holding the marble veneer on.  So the marble was used elsewhere, the metal spikes were melted down and used as well as the blocks.

The light-colored crescent at the top of the picture is part of what used to cover the entire circle.  The exhibitions were there.  It was covered with sand to absorb the blood.

 The Coliseum had a canvas cover when it was in use.  The stones spaced around the outside on the ground were used for the ropes and those things sticking out were part of the system to hoist the cover.
The tour guide said that under the emperors, public baths were built that were open to everyone including the slaves.  She said that there were libraries there, and readers so if the people couldn't read, someone would read it to them.  She said that the people of Rome were better off, even the slaves, because they had access to the baths.  They were healthier than under the popes.  The popes closed the baths and put in water fountains.  I guess the popes didn't approve of the nudity.  
 I stuck my camera between people to get this picture.  I couldn't see the fountain this well.  I couldn't believe how crowded it was.  I didn't throw a coin over my shoulder so I would be sure to return...I probably would have hit another tourist with the coin!
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