Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Diet Update

Someone I'm close to went on the Atkins Diet recently in an effort to lose a little weight, bring down blood sugar numbers and cholesterol numbers.  It has been very inspiring to have somebody to talk to about my diet.  If you have ever been on a diet and nobody else is, you know how you talk to people who have no interest in it and just generally bore everybody stiff. 
I had set as my weight goal (way back when) to lose 75 pounds.  After I lost about 45 pounds and had gone down several sizes, I decided I'd give it a rest to see if I could maintain the loss.  My lab work numbers had all improved on the diet.  I'm 0.1 away from "normal" for blood sugar.  My cholesterol is in the normal range.
But now is a good time for me to lose the next portion...I have somebody to diet with even though we are hundreds of miles apart.  MyFitnessPal is a site that allows people to track what they eat broken down in categories.  It isn't geared for Atkins so I'm constantly over in fat, calories, etc., but I can track my fiber and carbs...the two things that are important about this diet. The site also allows friends so I can have a diet buddy:)

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I have the same thing happening with me!
    It's good to have someone to talk about when it's working... and to lend a sympathetic ear when it seems stalled. :)

    Good luck!