Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Vacation Entry

I don't want to finish my vacation observations without commenting on the cruise itself.  The ship was nice.  It was Serenade of the Seas through Royal Caribbean.
I liked the chance to stare at the sea and passing islands. 
It was possible to see the Mediterranean from an air-conditioned spot or experience the breeze from an open spot.

There were plenty of activities to keep active people occupied.  

The staterooms were adequate with a stateroom attendant who took care of details.
But another aspect of the ship's life consisted of the other people aboard.  It was interesting to talk to them.  They were from everywhere.  I talked to a German lady who was there with her husband.  It turns out that after twelve years, I was still able to hold a social conversation in German.  I talked to a couple of ladies from Australia, a guy from Russia, a guy from Scotland, a lady from length.  I talked to others in passing.  It was very interesting.  Last names were not involved and it was possible to ask all sorts of questions about their lives and interests without feeling nosy.

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