Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leaning Tower of Pisa

 Intrepid climbers braved the spiral staircase with no handrails and people going down as they were going up.
It was a really long climb!  I wasn't intrepid.
 The little lumps under the flag to the right are people who made it to the top.
This was where we met back with the tour guide.  I liked how the grape vines shaded one side of the tourist spot.  The sold a lot of stuff including cappuccino and gelato.  A free bottle of water was included in our tour.


  1. The melon gelato was FABULOUS. Jonathan was not a fan of the vanilla but that was because there was caramel drizzil deecorating the top. I got to eat his too and I can safely report that Rich would have approved.

  2. Nice pictures Deborah! Looks likes you all had a lot of fun. I could only imagine how beautiful, although I'm sure a little difficult the spiral stairs were at the leaning tower. I would also agree with you that gelato is DELICIOUS. I would've opted for a nice combo of both offered refreshments, a hazelnut gelato. Best thing ever! Thanks for sharing with us