Friday, March 8, 2013

34 Compost Piles

Shredded leaves
Tires stacked five high
T posts to keep the tire stacks from leaning too much...some tires on bottom collapse from the weight
The tire garden is made of two semi-circles, each 17 tires stacked about five high depending on the size of the tires
I think newspaper will help retain moisture
Mostly I didn't use catalogs because they are using slick paper.  I used this one because the paper isn't slick and it doesn't have much colored ink.
Shredded leaves and some sticks which also retain moisture
Wood shavings from Larry's planer also go into the piles
Sometimes I shred the paper but I just dump the contents of the compost pail, brown bag and all, into the piles.
This mess is from fall cleanup of my flower beds.
My strawberry plants have arrived and I still have lots to do before I can plant them in the tops of the tires.  I don't know if this is going to work because the compost isn't decomposed.  I will add lime and potting soil before I plant the strawberries.

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