Monday, March 25, 2013

Twitchy Leg

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping.  Sometimes it is because my leg feels as if it wants to cramp above and below the knee.  I have a stretch that works sometimes.  I usually do the stretch at some point before I go to bed.  But some nights, like last night, I do it several times in the bed.  I didn't know I could do it in bed for the longest so I would get up, over and over. 
It's difficult to drop off to sleep when I keep popping out of bed to stretch.  For one thing, I like the bedroom to be pretty cold.  I breathe better.
Last night was one of the nights when I had to do the stretch multiple times.  I certainly don't get up and walk.  If walking were going to help, I'd have been fine because I've been getting my walking in.

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