Saturday, March 16, 2013

Clean Toys

My Mantis tiller is a great toy.  But it wraps weeds and mud around the blades and it is difficult to clean.  I was trying to till the space under a metal section that I am going to use for my gourds this year.  I kept having to clean it out because it stops if it gets too full of stuff.
I got a hoe and chopped the weeds and turnips out of the place.  I totally cleaned the tiller...again.  I couldn't start it after all that.  I was vividly picturing throwing away the gourd seeds.  I had spent a couple of hours on this hopeless task.
So I went to get a quart of green paint, gloves, my little trolley I sit on, a disposable paint brush, and started painting tires in my tire garden.  I painted one in each stack.  The next day we have a day without rain, I'm going to paint the one above the green a bright yellow.
As I finished the can of paint, I heard my mantis.  Larry tilled the section I had left! I'm glad I didn't toss the gourd seeds:) He said it didn't stop while he tilled the entire part I'd weeded.  Good to know.  It was easier to clean with the hose, too.

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