Monday, March 18, 2013

More Rain

 I was curious about how my strawberries would look after 1.8 inches of rain.  They've been in dirt for a couple of days.  The tires aren't so level but I thought the plants looked fine. 
 I've worked on the winter scene in the four seasons theme for a couple of days.  It is so muddy that the weeds I've been trying to chop off with the hoe so the ground could be tilled got to enjoy another day.  It is just too muddy. I think the name of the weed is henbane.  I don't know if it is bad for hens or not but it has a pretty purple bloom that is coating a lot of our ground right now.  It doesn't stay in bloom for long.
I've gathered up my materials to take to the hospital tomorrow to show another volunteer how to blow out eggs.  I'm also taking some decorated eggs so she can see how they look finished.  I have my drimmel tucked into the bag, also.  Then I called her to make sure she is planning to come.  I don't want to take the stuff in if she isn't planning to be there.  She said she is still coming.

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