Sunday, March 17, 2013

Low Carb Go Bag

I'm trying to decide on what to pack for a travel bag.  One of the main tricks to staying on a diet when traveling is to not get too hungry.  That isn't so difficult.
I can take slim jims, almonds, babybels, and Atkins bars.  I can also take Vienna sausages.  I think maybe a jar of peanut butter is a good idea, too. Crystal Light packets and a case of bottled water works, too, since I'm not going to be walking and carrying the bag.
I used to make tuna sandwiches using butter instead of mayonnaise to protect the bread.  Then I just put the sandwiches back in the bread bag.  I could take tuna salad and pork skins.
Still thinking.


  1. LoL we're too alike sometimes I think.
    I shopped for Atkins bars, Almonds, Peanuts, packets for water, and some cans of tuna, thinking I can probably find a place that sells boiled eggs and use the packets of mayo at sandwich stations to make tuna salad in hotels for a snack. (they sometimes have pickle relish at those but I've substituted diced celery for that lately to get the crunch without the carbs).

    We're prepping for a trip. :)