Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Scales with Large Numbers

Today we had a hospital volunteer meeting.  We have one quarterly.  Well, a nurse had asked me to present the idea of buying scales with large numbers and digital displays to send home with patients with congestive heart disease so they could track their weight and try to tell when they were retaining fluids.  She said sometimes the patients can't afford scales.
I asked the nurse to write down the request.  The president presented it to the group.  One of the ladies at the meeting objected strenuously on the basis of the cost of the scales.  She said it would be all right to get a set of scales for the hospital's use, but not to send home with patients because they cost hundreds of dollars.  I said we could get them at WalMart and they are relatively cheap.  They voted not to buy the scales.
The one who was so against the purchase because of the price was in the gift shop later and told me to use my Kindle to go online and price the scales that would weigh really heavy people.  I said the people I'd seen were frail-looking and wouldn't need oversized scales, just regular scales would be fine.
She said they asked for scales with large numbers so that would mean four or five hundred pounds.
I started laughing and said, "Visually impaired."
She started laughing, too.

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