Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny Fitbit

Yesterday I got 10,000 steps in and 12 flights of stairs.  I worked hard doing stuff in my new garden spot (the one I call my tire garden).  Today the wind is so awful that I don't want to do anything with dirt because it blows everywhere.  I tried weeding (so steps...just leaning over) but the wind was blowing the debris out of my bucket and I got tired of putting the same stuff in.  I considered weeding and just holding the plant debris over my head and letting the wind take it to the next county.  I decided I didn't care that much.
So I was just going to walk up and down the porch.  The wind chimes annoy me when it is this windy so I walked on the back porch.  I had five flights of stairs when I started on the porch because I had gone to the tire garden about five times before I gave it up.
But after I'd walked a while on the back porch I checked my steps...7,000.  I checked my flights of stairs (it should have still been five because the porch is flat).  Thirty flights of stairs.  I thought about it and decided that because it uses an altimeter to decide if I'm going up stairs, it was checking the difference in elevation between one end of the porch and the other end.  I've gotten stairs in before and couldn't figure out how because I hadn't walked up any stairs or hills.

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  1. Gonna start walking that path a lot now to get the stairs in? LoL