Monday, March 4, 2013

Changed My Mind

I thought that if I stopped posting blogs I would stop checking the stats.  Well, no.  Plus, I told myself that I was blogging as a form of journaling and could just keep a journal on my computer and could still put pictures in.
But I don't really journal when I don't blog.  Evidently I have somebody in mind that I want to see whatever it is I post, and it isn't me. 
Anyway, today I bought ten 6' t posts to drive into the tire towers to try to make them more erect.  I have received my strawberries so I decided I needed to go to the coop to get some potting soil, t posts, and lime.
I'll have to go back to get more, but this is enough to get me started.
I had to put the driver onto the end of the t post with it leaned over and then stand it up and start pounding in into the ground.  The ground is wet so it isn't like pounding it into cement which is what the hardened, dry clay resembles.  I was going to take a picture of the two towers I finished today, but it got dark.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I may not get anything accomplished tomorrow.  I put my paper into one of the towers I worked on today.  I had been shredding it, but I just stacked it in today.  It should hold moisture pretty well.  I took out any with colored ink or slick pages.
I looked at the gardenia plant we put a plastic cover over to protect it from the cold wind.  But the plastic-covered structure also prevented rain from getting to it.  It looks pretty sad.  I watered it and we left the plastic structure off for tonight.  It is supposed to rain and only get down to 51 degrees.  Maybe it will be all right.

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