Saturday, June 15, 2013

Food Lists

When I'm going to travel, have company, or not be able to get about easily, I try to plan my meals with that in mind.  It turns out that the lists for company and limited mobility have a lot in common.  I want to have easy access to food when I have company because I don't want to spend all my time in the kitchen. When I had babies I prepared meals and put them in the freezer so we could still eat.  People are willing to feed others, but if I knew ahead of time (and who doesn't?  Pregnancy is about nine months), it made sense to make meals and have them on hand.
I'm going to have knee surgery and will be on crutches for a couple of days.  I have started to think about what to have in the refrigerator for several days.  I went back to the atkins site to see some of their menus.  I also like Linda's Low Carb menus and recipes. Her site indicates when the stuff freezes well. I'm in the mood to eat a lot more often than I'm in the mood to cook so it makes sense to go ahead a cook enough extra to freeze if I like it in the first place.

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