Thursday, June 13, 2013

Religious Mix

This morning I went to the Baptist Hospital because I left my coffee mug there when I volunteered yesterday.
A little later Jehovah's Witnesses stopped by.  I had to admire the mix: there were two of them and together they hit several demographics: white, black, male, female, old, young. 
Then a bit later an Amish wagon pulled up with a man who had extra zucchini.  I thought he was a peddler and went to get my husband because honestly I cannot imagine paying for squash.  It turned out he was giving away the extra.  So Larry accepted two small ones.  The man said another neighbor only wanted the large ones.  I was pretty happy that Larry got two small ones. The man said he had planted eight plants and I know he had made at least two stops giving them away.
 Larry planted zucchini one year.  We couldn't use them all and I made him promise to only plant one or two of any kind of squash.  I think we may have to include eggplant in that catagory, too.

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