Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Today's Brilliant Snack Idea

This was our first really hot day.  I still had some sour cherries in the refrigerator (with fruit fresh)...but not enough for another pie (need 4 cups).  So I had been mulling over the problem of what to do with them.  Finally I decided to make sugar-free vanilla pudding (I make mine with half and half:).  I put it in the refrigerator to finish setting.
I put the pitted sour cherries from our tree in a skillet with splenda, a half teaspoon low-carb thickener, about half a teaspoon of almond flavoring and a little water.  I stirred it on low heat until all the splenda, etc., had mixed nicely and put a couple of tablespoons on the pudding.  It was cool and tasted marvelous!
 I had picked a couple of ripe blueberries that I dropped in, too.

I had done that with apples; it is kind of like pie filling.  I don't eat a whole serving because apples and cherries, even sour cherries, aren't low carb.  So just a little on top of the pudding really dresses up the pudding but doesn't feel like deprivation to me.  I just gave Larry his in a bowl because he doesn't like pudding.

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