Saturday, June 8, 2013

Garden Tools, Weeding, but No Steps

Once when I was working in my garden in Germany, a woman stopped and explained (across the fence) that I was using the wrong tool.  She was speaking German and I was doing my best to understand what she was describing.  So I went immediately to the Bauhaus because the tool I was using wasn't working well at all.  Well, since I didn't have a clue what the name of the tool was, I just called it a scratcher.  It had two stout prongs on one side and a blade like a hoe on the other side.  I've used it for decades.
Today I happened to use Larry's hoe.  It was sharp and the work was much easier.  My tool didn't cut the weeds pulled them out by the roots.  That always seemed good to me.  But today I just wanted the greenery gone so it wouldn't get tangled up in my little tiller and stop it.  Then I'd have to get the greenery and mud out of the tines and start it again.
So I asked Larry if he would show me how to sharpen my scratcher. He took me down to his shop and started up a bench grinder.  I didn't even know "we" had one.  Anyway, now my scratcher is sharpened and works nicely. 
So I started down the edge of a really long flower bed, happy in the idea that I was getting steps in and weeks out.  After I'd worked for a while and put my tools away, I realized I'd left the fitbit on the charger!
Well, at least the weeds were still gone in that section.
I was whining about it and Larry suggested just charging it while I sleep.  I hadn't put it on the charger to charge it; I was trying to get it to sync!

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