Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tire Garden 6/8/13

Now the circle of day lilies I've put outside the tire garden is complete.  I have some day lilies that didn't fit there, but most of the day lily piles are gone.  I've taken out the soil from the smart pots, separated the bulbs, and put the soil into the tire towers that had settled. 
I've planted my gourds, finally.  I think I have another packet of gourd seeds around somewhere, but I've planted the ones I could find.  My neighbor gave me some seeds...came back and got some of them because his didn't sprout.  I don't know if these will sprout or not but I'm going to have to find and plant them to know.  His might not have sprouted because of our odd rain, flood, rain spring.
I could have posted a picture of the tire garden but it would look about like the last one I posted.  The other sides are finished but won't show up in the picture.  I haven't put paper and mulch in the other half of the inside...well, I carried the paper down but haven't spread it and then covered it with mulch.

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