Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Less Enthusiasm

My knee has been bothering me but I've been walking anyway because it doesn't feel worse when I walk.  But then I spoke to a woman who asked if I knew when I had torn my miniscus.  I said I didn't and she said she didn't either but she knew when she ripped the whole thing loose.  It was very painful and she hit the floor.  I asked what she was doing when it ripped loose.  She said she was doing aerobics. I thought, "Well, my knee is safe!" But the more I walked, the better I remembered the doctor's assistant saying in a hesitant voice, "Well, it's all right if you walk, but don't shovel or squat."
So I was walking but then I started thinking, 'What if he didn't mean five miles a day with enthusiasm?'
So I've dropped back to half what I was walking...or a little more, but more gingerly than before.

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