Monday, July 7, 2014

iPod Died

It didn't actually die but I can't pick something and listen to it. It silently goes to the next book, stays a bit, and moves on.
I will replace it, but not until I have money. So my big concern isn't that I don't have something to listen to as I walk or garden, or whatever. I'm worried about not being able to use my sleep tape. I've managed to take several naps without the tape, but I haven't tried getting to sleep at night without it. I hope I can use what I've learned without the tape running.


  1. If you still have my old android phone it will play audible books. You can set it up to use your wireless and get them on there that way if you want to do that until you get another iPod.

  2. I used the android phone until the charging port didn't work anymore. You are right, it was lovely. I plan to wait until after I pay my amex bill to see what I can put in savings. Then I might replace the iPod. Thanks for the idea.