Thursday, July 31, 2014

Neighbor's Dog

A neighbor has a pit bull. Today it broke its chain and escaped the fence taking up a position in the middle of the road between its house and mine, barking its head off at me. The woman came out behind it, telling it to come back home. It ignored her and continued to bark at me. I warned her that if it came onto my property still barking aggressively at me, I will shoot it. That was an empty threat because I only had small snips for headheading flowers. She said to go ahead. She said she would go buy another chain today. Finally the dog followed her back home. She lives alone with three small children so she says the dog makes her feel safer. I would worry about the safety of the little children if I were her.
In Tennessee it is unlawful to allow a dog to wander at will without a leash unless hunting or engaged in some lawful activity. Mostly I recognize dogs belonging to neighbors and do not feel threatened. That one was scary, though.

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