Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where'd You Get the Man?

The head nurse gave him to me.
She said he was driving them crazy in admin and they couldn't get any work done so she brought him to the gift shop and said keep him until lunch and then take him to lunch.
You aren't supposed to take care of patients.
I don't think he was a patient.
Why was he here?
They didn't tell me. We were hitting a balloon around and he didn't much want to play. He said they do that at the nursing home for therapy. But he did try to keep the ball from hitting him. He also tried to get the young girl to be his designated defense.
At lunch the other two volunteers left so I took him to the lunchroom. He asked if he should sit down and I would get his lunch. I said I wanted him to come tell me what he wanted to eat. So he did and I took him to the cash resister. He held out money until she said it was enough. I carried his tray and cut up his meat for him. But he wasn't eating, just talking a blue streak so I told him I had to go.
I asked if I should get somebody to call for his ride and he said he'd aggravate somebody into doing it for him when he was finished eating.
He doesn't live in a nursing home. He lives with his daughter. So I don't know what the nursing home comment was...maybe just sharing interesting information.


  1. I love crazy people.
    Not crazy, but fun interaction today. They brought a lady in a chair to me today and asked, "Can you figure out what she's saying." I said, "Sure." She spoke english, but had, I suspect, had a stroke. Her eyes were alert but her voice was just barely over a whisper and her words were badly slurred and not at all enunciated. It was two words. I could barely make out what she was saying at all. I asked what it was for and she mimed writing so I took her to the office supplies aisle. She smiled and I asked what she would write on and understood clothes when she said it. I asked then, the clues slipping into place with the syllable count I had, "Permanent Marker? Like if I were going to camp what my Mom would write my name on my clothes so I'd get them back?" She smiled and nodded. I handed her a fine point Sharpie and she said what I took to be thank you. Bless her heart. She was struggling but patient and I felt bad the other people weren't trying harder. Getting me was a good idea. I'm really pretty good at helping when there's a language barrier. Practice I think.

    1. I'm glad you feel that way. One day it may be me (or you) in that chair and I hope somebody will care what we're trying to say.