Monday, July 28, 2014

My Tire Garden-July 2014

It doesn't look like it did this time last year since Larry accidentally burned the southern half of the tires. The ground is still sooty. I'm still throwing away socks that are so blackened I'm unwilling to put them in the washer with other clothes.
But the raised bed Larry built to replace the burned tires works great and is much easier to keep filled with dirt. I spent a while today poking dead sticks into holes in the tires' soil and then putting soil around the sticks. The sticks are supposed to hold moisture better so watering won't be such an issue.
I'm spending some time weeding a few patches of weeds. Originally I had put cardboard and newspaper down and then put mulch on top of that to prevent weeds. I think the fire burned all that off on the southern side where the fire was hottest...but it didn't kill the day lilies. When I get some of these weeds dug out, I'll put more paper and mulch down.
My plants might do better if I didn't have so much shade, but I know I wouldn't work down there at all in the sun!

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