Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Busy, Busy

After volunteering this morning, I bought two two-liter bags of moisture control potting soil to mix in my tires with the top soil. After taking care of dragging it around, mixing it up, and planting strawberry plants, I put out some newspaper and put several cartloads of mulch over the newspaper. It looks pretty patchy so far. I need to rake dead leaves out of the daylilies that are just putting up this year's growth, and then put down more newspaper and mulch.
I didn't water the strawberries in because we're supposed to have rain over the next several days.
It wasn't as warm today but it was still too warm for a sweater while I was dragging dirt and mulch around.
The raised bed that has strawberries in it has also developed an ant bed starting on the ground outside the raised bed (about two feet in width) and continuing on the inside of the raised bed. I've been putting instant grits on the ant hills. It seems to be working but needs more work (more grits). I have some weeds in the strawberries in the raised bed, but until I've dealt successfully with the ants, I'm not doing much about the weeds.

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